October 12, 2015

Marketing Translation & Copywriting

Valuable marketing content written with creative passion

Do you want to promote your business into the Greek market with a well-written text which will entice your potential customers into buying your products, services, etc.? Have you decided to translate your website and you want to employ a professional who will guarantee a SEO friendly content for your business? You've come to the right place.

Creating and maintaining a brand name is one of the greater tasks a business undertakes. For this reason, the promotional material of your business should be excellently written and error-free because nobody wants to leave a negative brand impression, do they? By entrusting me with the translation of your marketing material or providing content for you, you are entrusting a professional translator with prominent writing skills and the necessary experience, ready to assist you to convey your brand message in the Greek market and increase your revenues.

Marketing translation is very much different from legal, medical or technical translation. Marketing translation cannot and must not be literal. It primarily requires to be able to think creatively and, of course, to be able to convey a powerful culturally oriented message. Sometimes the simple translation of a marketing material is not enough, and the text must be creatively rewritten from scratch in order to satisfy its marketing objectives. By consulting with the client and deciding on what's best for his/her business, I can also offer the possibility of producing an original advertising material for you, focused on your unique brand values.

I can help you strengthen your brand's identity for the Greek market, by using the appropriate translation techniques or by coming up with creative ideas which will help you to sell better and more!

By selecting me to write or produce your marketing material, you can be sure that you are entrusting a professional with:

  • Expertise regarding the marketing trends, style and language.
  • Experience in marketing translation; hundreds of thousand of words translated/written.
  • Specialised translation tools, such as translation memories to ensure brand consistency.
  • Tech-oriented translation/copywriting; producing SEO-friendly material.
  • BSc in Translation by the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting.



Let me translate, or even write or recreate your:

  • advertisements
  • blog articles
  • websites
  • marketing material
  • brochures/flyers
  • catalogues
  • labels/packaging