October 12, 2015

Technical Translation

Translating the technological advances

Through the years of my translation experience, I have translated hundreds of thousand of words of technical interest. I am interested in technological advances in the fields of medicine and healthcare, information technology, and engineering. Sometimes these domains overlap each other, as there are requests from clients for Apps translation, for instance, to be used by the healthcare industry or medical devices manuals with engineering terminology, and so on.

I am very keen on improving my knowledge and follow trends in those sectors through journals, webinars and internet courses, and if by any chance I face some kind of difficulty, I team up with health-care providers, IT specialists and engineers. The final result is very important for me, and I make no compromises on quality; I work as to produce a target text that can be read naturally like it has been written in Greek from the very beginning. I use CAT tools to optimise the final result and yield a better translation, as to help also my clients to save money in the long run.

Technical translation is a very challenging field, and must be entrusted to specialists. By selecting me to translate your technical material, you can be sure that you are entrusting a professional with:

  • Expertise regarding technical translation, its style and language.
  • Experience in technical translation; hundreds of thousand of words translated.
  • Specialised translation tools, such as translation memories, and large compilation of client-specific technical glossaries to ensure uniform and consistent terminology.
  • BSc in Translation by the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting.


Medicine & Healthcare

training documentation · Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) · Packaging and labeling · Medical devices manuals Surveys/Questionnaires

IT & Telecom

Apps · Software & hardware manuals


technical documentation ·technical manuals · technical specifications · users guides · system requirement documents · EU declarations of conformity · safety reports · patents · installation instructions · service manuals · tender documents · technical training material · technical brochures · data sheets